Built Environs

Built Environs is the building construction brand of the McConnell Dowell Group. We have the capability and experience to deliver large scale residential, commercial, health and general building projects. We work in collaboration with our customers and partners, and have a proven track record of building better communities through safe, smart and efficient infrastructure.

Our Values underpin all that we do, as such our core value of Safety & Care guides our decision making and approach to not only how we manage our projects, but how we care for our people, the industry and our community.

The statistics are frightening. We feel we must act now to support change if we are to see the current issues of mental health and suicide improve in our industry. At Built Environs, we see a tremendous amount of value in creating a supportive network within our business and the industry, we are grateful for and thank MIC for all of the exceptional work they have done and continue to do for our people.

Built Environs are proud to partner with Mates in Construction, cementing our involvement with the program in a Tier-3 partnership. For many years, we have been working with Mates to facilitate training and awareness and look forward to watching the program grow, and to see the stigma removed from having these critical conversations on site.