The Contracting Industry Redundancy Trust (CIRT) is the redundancy fund for the electrical construction industry in Queensland and the Northern Territory.

CIRT was established in 1991 to preserve the redundancy entitlements of workers in the electrical contracting industry.

The sole purpose of CIRT is to benefit the employees and employers of the electrical contracting industry in relation to redundancy entitlements.

CIRT is proudly sponsored by the Electrical Trades Union in Queensland and Northern Territory and Master Electricians Australia.

Our members work on construction sites and participate in the MATES in Construction program.

Through their involvement we recognised the importance of supporting MATES in Construction as they make a direct impact upon the members of our fund.

Partnering with MATES in Construction made sense to the board of CIRT. Being part of a program that is achieving results and saving lives is a worthwhile partnership.