Construction Training Fund

The Construction Training Fund has been supporting workers in WA’s building and construction industry since 1991. Each year, the Training Fund subsidises the cost of more than 20,000 short training courses for eligible workers and provides grants to employers to reduce the costs of training more than 4,000 construction apprentices and trainees in the industry.

We know that skills and knowledge are two important drivers that help construction workers perform their roles safely and effectively. We also know that construction workers need the skills and knowledge to help manage their mental health and wellbeing and that’s why the Training Fund supports the great work that is being done by MATES in Construction here in WA.

The Training Fund supports MATES WA and the industry by paying $30 towards the cost of training each construction worker that completes the General Awareness Training course, with some additional funding for each person that completes Connector Training. To date, the Training Fund has helped nearly 2,500 workers access MATES programs.

In addition to the programs that support skills training for workers and employment of apprentices, the Construction Training Fund provides a comprehensive career promotion program that highlights the variety of career pathways and development opportunities that exist in WA’s building and construction industry. In 2017, the Training Fund established a Career Information Centre as an excursion venue for schools.

For more information on our grants and subsidies for industry, search Construction Training Fund or find us on Facebook.