Allcott Hire

As a leading supplier of Dry Hire Plant & Equipment to all levels of the Construction Industry, Allcott Hire is continually striving to be better and to create a workplace culture where our employees are supportive of each other and feel safe to discuss their struggles and seek help when needed.

We have always acknowledged the importance of mental health in the workplace and in Partnering with MATES in Construction we aim to bring it even further to the forefront of our daily operations. Their dedication to raising awareness about suicide prevention and mental health is not just commendable; it's essential.

The facts are alarming, construction workers are at a higher risk of suicide compared to other industries, and through our Partnership with MATES in Construction, and the critical programs and training they provide, our organisation will be better equipped to respond, support, and even prevent such tragedies from occurring.

We wholeheartedly endorse MATES in Construction for their outstanding commitment to the well-being of those in our industry.