MATES in Construction is a national, for the industry, by the industry, not for profit that exists to strengthen the construction industry by preventing suicide, because a life saved is one less family grieving, one less site closed down and one less community heartbroken.

A relationship with MATES demonstrates a commitment to raising the standard of mental health to the industry. Our aim is not just to reduce suicide and mental stress, but to eliminate it completely from our industry. But we can only do that by changing the overall culture of the industry, from the belief that suicide is just an individual problem, to something we all have a responsibility to look out for and prevent which is why partnerships with businesses like you are so vital.

We give workers the tools they need to support their mates on site. We do this through training and awareness building around sites across the country. We run a number of different programs and courses as tools to help workers identify warning signs and intervene with understanding and confidence. Not only is this program designed to provide relevant services to those who suffer from suicidal thoughts but it also enables those around them to feel capable rather than helpless, and we have already reached over 100,000 workers nationwide.

Our programs are successful in reducing suicides and mental health incidents on construction sites because our approach is backed by data. All our training is based on rigorous academic research and understanding, which means that you know that your investment is going towards making a genuine difference to the industry in the most effective way possible.

We understand the industry because we are part of the industry. As construction workers ourselves we are not external experts, but actual industry participants who now work within suicide and mental health. As participants in the industry we also understand the realities of running a business which is why our training is free and takes up limited time. Our training also works within the structures construction businesses already have in place, meaning we can execute programs quickly and with minimal disruption.

We act as advocates for the industry and we work with our industry partners to research, evaluate and then educate national and state governments on the need for further support for workplace mental health and suicide prevention initiatives. We are completely bi partisan - we have deep involvement from employers, unions, academia and industry partners and any organisation that has a vested interest in raising the mental health of the construction industry.

Our aim to is give businesses and their employees the tools to enable mental health ongoing, without ongoing involvement from us – by supporting with MATES in Construction you are investing in the long term future health of the industry.

MATES is fortunate that so many employers and businesses in the industries we support, allow their workers to attend MATES training and support each other within paid working hours. This is a significant investment that makes a real difference for suicide prevention and mental health in the workplace.

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