Donnelley Simpson Cleary Consulting Engineers

Donnelley Simpson Cleary Consulting Engineers P/L (DSC) is proud to announce its support of the Mates in Construction Program. Over recent times DSC has become increasingly aware of the quantum of suicides within the construction industry overall (1 person every second day) and the alarming figures relative to youth suicide (over twice that of other young males). Whilst DSC has a high level of staff retention based on a positive working environment, we recognise there are unseen conditions we are not expert in identifying. Joining with Mates in Construction will provide raised awareness on the key indicators and promote early intervention.

The Mates core values of being proactive & responsive, supportive & non-judgemental, committed & dependable, honest & respectful resonate with DSC. It’s a simple message, look after your mates and your business will be stronger as a result.