Fly the Flag DAY

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Fly the Flag day is held on 8th September 2022

Fly the Flag is the day we celebrate what our industry does toward suicide prevention and improving mental health. We celebrate the work that our Connectors, ASISTs and MATES Volunteers do every day on construction, mining and energy sites across Australia.

Therefore, it is a requirement of all registering sites that a Connector or ASIST volunteer registers their site. The registration site will accept one connector to register one site. If your company has multiple sites, you will be required to find a Connector for each site. You may need to get some of your team trained as Connectors in advance.

This ensures that if anyone does not cope with the subject matter on the day, that there is a trained volunteer available to help.

What happens on the day?

You will receive your FREE Fly the Flag kit that includes the MATES Annual Flag, a brochure of useful event information and posters. On the day, you can put up your flag on a crane, on a wall, on a table to sign, wherever works. Then have sites run BBQs, toolbox talks, morning teas or lunches, in-person or virtual if it's needed. We come together and enjoy some food, take the time to catch up with our Mates, and take a pledge to look after each other.

Why is this important for MATES?

By registering your site each year and sending through your photos of your event, you are helping MATES as the number of people we reach is used for funding applications. So by joining in, getting your free flag kit, you help us do what we do. By all means, keep your old flags and put them up too, but we want you to ask for a new one each year!

Keep an eye out for the new MATES Fly the Flag Day 2022 Flag – COMING SOON!