GVK Group

MATES in Construction QLD & NT welcomes new Tier 3 Industry Partner GVK Group, supporting their workers while supporting MATES.

GVK Group is proud to both sponsor and support MATES in Construction. We understand that the well-being of building construction workers not only impacts those working on site but their families and greater communities as well.

It is a privilege to partner with MATES, an organisation that provides support to our employees and their families in difficult times. MATES cares for the welfare of the individuals in the construction industry. Given the statistics on mental health and suicide within the building Industry, GVK Group have seen a real difference in the way our workers deal with and discuss mental health issues since MATES began. The processes and procedures to create awareness and support to all our employees and their families is having a positive impact. We appreciate the ongoing support and continued services to our employees from MATES.

GVK ensures safety and support is the number one priority for Staff, their families & their greater Communities. Partnering with MATES is a way we believe will make a huge difference in the mental health of our employees.