Hallett Concrete

Hallett Concrete are supporting Mates In Construction to raise much needed funds and awareness about the alarming number of suicides within our Construction Industry.

We have trained over 130 people throughout our Construction Materials Group businesses in suicide awareness and prevention through MATES and continues to provide GAT training to all employees of the wider MSP Group, having over 500 employees based in South Australia, Victoria and overseas.

Following on from the training, we have seen a positive change in the way in which our workers engage with one another. The training has provided us with practical skills to not only recognise behavioural changes amongst our co-workers but also to recognise our own personal issues and demons. All who have undergone GAT have developed skills to address and ask the questions that need to be asked and to be upfront about the importance of reaching out and acknowledging when help is needed. Our overall safety awareness has also benefited from this, with noticeable improved incident reporting.

Furthermore, approximately 40% of our employees and contractors who undertook the MATES' GAT program have gone on to participate in the next step of MATES' three-part program. Mates helping out mates is something we all deeply care about and are willing to do something about. No one wants to see our co-workers, friends and family suffer silently and take extreme measures when there is hope and help at hand.

Hallett Concrete and its sister partners intend to continue working closely with MIC and through both our internal and external promotion of the cause, we expect to make a significant impact on the people who we come in contact with and the communities in which we operate.