Jorgen Gullestrup

Jorgen is an Allison Milner Memorial Scholarship PhD student researching the topic “Male help-offering in suicide prevention”. He is a plumber by trade and was founding CEO of MATES from 2007-2021. He holds a Masters Degree in Suicidology from Griffith University. He is CEO of the Mental Health Lived Experience Peak Queensland and co-chair of the International Association for Suicide Prevention workplace special interest group. Jorgen is Chair of the Queensland Health and Safety Board and member of the Queensland Mental Health and Drugs Advisory Council. Jorgen PhD research is done with Deakin University school of health.

Accepting HRD students: N

Current and future research projects: Currently finalizing “Effectiveness of the Australian MATES in Construction Suicide Prevention Program: A systematic review”. Currently collecting data for a qualitative analysis of the MATES programs potential impact on workplace culture and values. Currently coordinating a working group under IASP Workplace Special Interest Committee developing a working definition of work related suicide.