Lory Construction

With an emphasis on quality, efficiency and innovation, paired with an unparalleled commitment to providing tailored client solutions, Lory Construction deliver first class, award winning projects across the industrial, commercial & residential sectors by harnessing the knowledge of the leading people in the industry and creating a first class culture.

In an industry where workers are six times more likely to die by suicide than through a workplace accident, Lory Construction are dedicated to creating a significant shift in the stigma which still surrounds mental health. With an ongoing commitment to giving back to the community, we are extremely proud to partner with MATES in Construction, and look forward to being proactive in improving the mental health and wellbeing of those in our industry, whilst helping spread the simple idea that ‘‘suicide is everyone’s business‘‘.

Losing a construction worker every second day to suicide is a distressing reality of the industry, one which MATES in Construction is tirelessly working to change. Their integrated program of training and support is literally saving lives, and we believe it is a privilege to become a MATES in Construction partner, assisting them to continue and expand their essential suicide prevention and mental health services.