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MATES Fly the Flag Day 2022

An Australia-wide journey of MATES sites that celebrate MATES Fly the Flag Day featuring the 2022 flag. What does it mean to your site to Fly the Flag for your mates?

SBS MATES Fly the Flag 2022

MATES Fly the Flag Day 2022, SBS featured an article about R U OK? Day and MATES in Construction with Maggie Pearce speaking about her own lived experience.

MATES SA 'It's Tough To Talk': Briony

This situation wasn’t what you might think of when you picture someone being vulnerable. It actually started with an explosive scene at work.

MATES SA Series 'It's Tough to Talk': Aaron

I’m a safety professional, but mental health means more to me than just the profession. Mental health issues in our industry are a very real hazard.

MATES SA It's time to talk series – Lex

In all the situations that I’ve seen where people are having a mental health crisis, all the problems seem to build up to a moment in time – a kind of tipping point.

MATES Fly the Flag Day Event Introduction 2021

A short video to help kick-start Fly the Flag Events for 2021. Keep your eye out for a new video for 2022.

Karise Eden backs MATES to help shine a light on suicide prevention and better mental health.

MATES is excited to announce the support of Australian singer, Karise Eden. Karise first appeared on our TV screens in 2012 when at age 19, she won The Voice.

Karise understands our industry, firsthand – MATES supporting MATES - and will help share the charity's suicide prevention message, so workers don’t feel alone when they’re struggling with life, are experiencing poor mental health and to give hope to those who have lost someone they care about - like she has.