MPC Kinetic

MPC Kinetic is a leading Australian civil construction company providing the resource sector with the world’s most innovative project management solutions.

MPC Kinetic has a proven track record of successfully delivering multi-faceted project solutions for large-scale developments right across Australia and the world. Key to the company’s success is its highly-skilled and dedicated workforce of 1000 people, who have played key roles in the development of the Australian and global resource sector.

Understanding its most valuable asset is its people, MPC Kinetic partnered with MATES in Construction in 2014, to ensure its workforce had the expert mental health support that it needed – on the ground, in the office, or at home! Thanks to its partnership with MATES, MPC Kinetic now has a better understanding of the mental health issues that its employees sometimes succumb to, and have put in place innovative measures to help reduce mental health stress. The company’s participation in MATES’ training programs has produced a committed team of workforce Connectors and Assist volunteers who, with MATES‘ ongoing support, can provide workers with immediate mental health assistance if needed.

In 2015, MPC Kinetic was awarded the Australian Pipeline and Gas Association’s Highest Safety Honour after developing and introducing an innovative mental health App that gauges the mental well-being of its entire workforce each swing.

MPC Kinetic is a proud partner of MATES in Construction and commends the tremendous work of the organisation to make the construction industry a mentally healthier place to work.

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