OTM Civil Construction

OTM Civil Construction specialises in the construction and maintenance of civil infrastructure.

Our focus is excellence in project management and civil construction. We continue to build and achieve this focus through thorough improvement processes, ensuring client, employee and contractor trust, based on the delivery of industry-leading performance in quality, safety and service.

In turn, this sharpens the focus we have toward our employees and we endeavour to provide them with as many support resources as possible, to allow them to enjoy their work, feel comfortable in the environment they carry out their daily tasks and also strike the best work-life balance that they can.

However, it is also true that working in the construction industry can be hard, especially for operational teams on the ground and specifically when these teams are required to work away from their homes and families for extended periods. MATES in Construction provides us with an excellent means to ensure that essential support channels are open to all our employees, but especially those who work under these conditions.

The decision to partner with MATES in Construction was an easy one to make and we are determined to play our part in eliminating the prevalence of suicide and mental health illness in the construction industry. We are committed to assisting our own people as well as our many compatriots across the industry to keep these issues at bay and to providing them access to meaningful assistance if these issues do have an impact.