Pandanus Group

The Pandanus Group combines over 25 years’ experience across both the Australian Labour hire and employment markets; with a direct focus on Indigenous engagement strategies. Possessing the unique ability to combine workforce development strategies with the commercial parameters of Industry, The Pandanus Group is at the forefront of the Indigenous engagement sector.

Offering a unique perspective across the employment industry, Pandanus has the ability to provide both a semi-skilled and skilled flexible workforce to suit your ever changing project needs.

Derived from the ‘Miyartiwi’ or Pandanus skin group on the Tiwi Islands in the Northern Territory, The Pandanus Group specialises in providing Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander employment and workforce development, stakeholder engagement, and cultural preservation programs that ensure positive socioeconomic growth.

It has been our absolute pleasure to be able to partner with Mates in Construction as a holistic strategy to combat mental health issues and suicide prevention across the construction Industry for not only our employees but for our clients. We look forward to this partnership with Mates as we further expand our holistic and employee-centred approach across the construction sector.