ReddiFund is a WA-based compliant redundancy fund open to all employers within the general building and construction industry.
ReddiFund can assist all Employers to meet their legal obligations under the Award plus provide the following benefits:
- Contributions are tax deductible in the year you make them.
- You avoid accruing significant liabilities.
- NO administration fees are charged to employers or employees.
- Provides time & cost savings for Employers.
- Employees see their Employers investing in their financial security.

ReddiFund Members can also enjoy great benefits through our Mutual Benefit Fund which provides indemnity coverage on: Journey cover; Ambulance cover; Death / Funeral cover; Childcare costs up to a maximum of 2 years on the death of a member’s spouse; Travel cover.

We are proud to be the major sponsor of MATES in Construction which provides invaluable support to all workers & families in the construction industry.