Assessment Procedures for potential MATES research projects and tenders

For stage 1 and 2 proposals

All state 1 proposals to be sent to National CEO via email (Chris Lockwood). The National CEO will circulate the proposal to the Academic Reference Group for comment and then will discuss the proposal with the national Academic Director and decide whether it is suitable for further consideration by MATES, and/or whether stage 2 is needed.

Stage 2 proposals are those that require significant commitment from MIC
(e.g., involvement of staff time, infrastructure, requests for money, responses to tenders).

For stage 2 proposals

If stage 2 is deemed necessary, the National CEO will contact the Academic Reference Group and ask for an independent review of the proposal. The reviewers will provide feedback to the National CEO and the National Academic Director. Based on the reviews and the comments from the Academic Reference Group, a decision about MATES' involvement will be made by the CEO with advice from the National Academic Director and National Board. The National CEO will then inform the team who submitted a proposal of the outcome. Feedback is provided within an 8-week period.

Research Proposal Submission Form

Outline relevant skills of the applicant. 200 words.

Relevant to Strategic Goals. 200 words.

Including aim, method, and expected outcomes. 500 words