Commitment to Evidence-based Practice

MATES is an evidenced-based organisation. The program was developed from a solid evidence base provided by the Australian Institute of Suicide Research and Prevention: The AISRAP Report.
The MATES program works towards implementing the recommendations of this report in a manner that connects the strengths of the industry’s culture, context and capability with known best practice in suicide prevention.

The focus on good research is reflected in the MATES Vision, Mission and Values Statement.
MATES will gather data, partnering with research institutions to provide useful, insightful and practical information back to the industry through the MATES in Construction Board.

MATES is an evidence-based organisation. The program was created based on a research project into suicides in the Queensland Commercial Building and Construction Industry. As an organisation we are committed to ensure our work aligns with best practice and to share the learning from the MATES program with other like-minded organisations.

MATES will continually monitor best practice within the field of community-based suicide prevention and adjust the program accordingly. We will seek registration on best practice registers where possible.

MATES has established an Academic Reference Group and a national board position of Academic Director to guide and assist us in achieving best practice and to fulfil our commitment to research and knowledge sharing.

MATES may commission research directly, partner with institutions around grants, or participate as a junior partner / advisor to research projects. All projects are assessed according to set criteria. To register an interest in partnering with MATES around relevant research please complete the form on the MATES Research Agenda page.