Sunbuild is the Northern Territory's leading privately owned and operated Construction Company.

Sunbuild is the first choice when projects require innovation, quality and timely delivery.

With 35 major Master Builder Association and Territory Construction Association awards, over three decades of dedication to developing the local construction industry and a track record of benchmark constructions ranging from $1 million to $88 million, Sunbuild has earned the right to be regarded as the best of Darwin construction companies.

Our commitment to remaining at the cutting edge of global construction techniques drives our team to innovate, attracting high-profile contracts and ensuring the best in productivity. Not only are our construction practices leading the industry; Sunbuild also invests in major construction plants and equipment, ensuring cost and operational efficiencies for our clients.

Our motto—‘build with pride’—influences every aspect of our operations and is the reason Sunbuild tops the list of Darwin construction companies.