Tandem Building Group

Construction is the third largest industry in Australia for the number of people it employs. Statistics show more than 1.6 million people are employed in our industry, with construction workers six times more likely to die from suicide than through a workplace accident.

As modern society imposes more demands and challenges, particularly on young people, Tandem Building Group acknowledges the mental health of those within our industry and how we will provide the tools and resources for our workers and subcontractors.

Our industry has unique challenges associated with a highly-competitive environment and high performance culture that can impact mental health and wellbeing. As our industry thrives on the contribution of our people, it is our role and duty to invest in transforming the management of mental health and wellbeing for our workers and subcontractors. We are excited to partner with MATES to promote and grow this initiative, preventing mental health issues from developing and to mitigate their impacts when they do occur.

We look forward to ongoing involvement with MATES to assist them in continuing their invaluable contribution to the mental health space, which they have been at the forefront of for many years.