Waterstop: Established in 2009, Waterstop Solutions is a 100% Australian owned and privately operated family company. We specialise in fixing leaking buildings and concrete structures and deliver our expertise to the residential, commercial, industrial and civil market.

Our diverse remedial solutions to waterproofing and concrete defects often see our team working in high-risk areas such as at heights and in confined spaces. This is why Relentless Safety is not just a slogan in our safety culture – it is a way of life.

Most people, either personally or indirectly through work colleagues, friends or family, are touched by mental health issues, so we realise that our safety culture must comprise of more than just the physical Health & Safety aspect. It must also include mental health awareness and wellbeing.

We wish to support MATES in Construction because of their life-changing projects in spreading lifesaving awareness in the construction industry. They do an amazing job for the mental health of workers in the construction industry by providing valuable resources to workers struggling with their mental health.

Teaming up with MATES in construction provides our people the opportunity to gain the knowledge and skills necessary to identify and act upon any signs of mental distress among their workmates, with the aim of suicide prevention. This is why Waterstop Solutions is proud be a Tier 3 Industry Partner with MATES in Construction, as an extension to our company’s values – To inspire both physical and mental Health & Safety culture.