Support Staff

Every organisation needs administration – MATES is no exception. They make sure our bills and wages are paid on time, we have the materials we need for the work we do and so on. Every worker in MATES is trained in suicide intervention and our support team is the first point of contact for many workers calling MATES for help and support.

Field Officers

MATES Field Officers are front-line staff who deliver GAT, Connector and ASIST training to sites, and keep in contact with sites until project closure. Construction, mining, energy, health & safety, community, and defense forces are some of the backgrounds that our FOs come from: every day people helping every day people. They specialize in understanding the intricacies of each industry: they speak in plain language, have strong knowledge of how sites and mines work and how those working conditions effect workers and those around them.

Case Managers

MATES Case Managers have minimum qualifications of Bachelor of Psychology or Bachelor of Social Work, with a broad range of practical experience between them. All case managers understand the construction, mining and energy industries and the effects each can have on the lives of workers. They are dedicated to ensuring people are managed with respect and professionalism, whilst maintaining absolute confidentiality.

Project Staff

MATES in Construction project staff is a group of workers across Australia and new Zealand that works on improving and extending the MATES program. Being evidence-based is a key criterion for MATES, so we have a group of workers who specialise in converting this knowledge and evidence into the programs you see on sites. Our project staff also specialise in communicating with the industries we represent, maintain our social media channels and provide the connection between the work we do on a site and the researchers who help by informing us.